I recently took part in the SHAPE Day event at Healthworks in Cambridge.  The Shape Day events which included BURN  and master classes were put on by the club to help benefit the Healthworks Foundation.  The Foundation helps empower women and children with physical activity at its two Foundation Fitness Centers: Healthworks at St. Mary’s and Healthworks at Codman.  For only $20 (a discounted rate for BURN classes) women could come in and experience the strength and interval training BURN is known for or they could choose to participate in various master classes including Ride! and Zumba.

I chose to participate in the BURN class because I haven’t been to one since I started playing volleyball and dodgeball this past winter.  I thought in addition to contributing to such a great cause as the Healthworks Foundation, I could do myself a favor by kickstarting my spring training.

During the course, we started with a warm up and then set out running hills on the treadmill building up to an 8% incline at our peak.

Then for our group’s first strength session we worked on squats and performed weighted lunges with hammer curls.

For our second round of interval training we worked on speed.  This was my favorite part because we could control our speeds and our trainer, Lauren, encouraged us to push ourselves to move out of our comfort zone.  By sprinting a little bit faster each time around, it really worked out our legs by lengthening our strides.  As Lauren put it, we were to pretend we were being chased by the “jungle life in Cambridge.”  Not sure if she meant the bikers or the cabbies but it felt good pushing myself faster than I normally would.

To round out the class, our final strength session involved core exercises including plank moves and scissor leg lifts.

It felt great to sweat it out and get myself back on track to work out regularly.  Helping such a great cause on top of that just made the good feelings from exercise even more sweet.  If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the Shape Day activities you can still donate to the Healthworks Foundation here.