I work best under pressure. It seems like unless there’s some kind of goal, I kind of just take it easy – that’s why I always feel so motivated when I’m training for a race. There’s a real deadline at stake: if you don’t train to go the distance by race date, well, you might not finish. And that really gets me going! Lately, I haven’t had a goal, and I’ve been kind of lax in my workouts. I’ll think, “well, just relax tonight, you can go tomorrow.” That’s such a pitfall.So, I needed to set myself at competition against myself. I really needed some reason to push and go hard.

I have decided to take the leap (literally, perhaps) into Healthworks’ Bootcamp Challenge. For those of you who don’t know what that means, Healthworks is offering a challenge. You pay $100 and can go to as many bootcamp sessions as you want between June 7 and July 4, and the person who looses the largest percentage of body fat wins some awesome prizes. I’ll admit, the prizes look awesome, but I am just excited for an opportunity to jump start my workouts and get off this plateau.

I went to my first ever bootcamp today, and Sunny pretty much kicked me in the butt. I workout regularly (I mean, sure, lately I’ve been lax, like I said – but I still go 4 times a week or so), but this was unlike any workout I’ve had in recent memory. I worked so hard that sweat was dripping off my nose, arms, and even knees. Class was an hour long and involved a lot of exercises that I have never attempted, or even seen before. It was awesome! I really can’t do pushups, and I’ve set an additional personal goal for myself, that by the end of this month of intensive training I’ll be able to do full out pushups. I’m also psyched to practice my side planks.

I’ve got a bit of a cold, and at one point I felt kind of dizzy and had to back off and drink some water. Today was just the first day, though, and gave me a great feel for what this is going to be like. Wish me luck!