Too much of anything is never a good thing.

Even with exercise.

I love to work out. I love to push myself and sweat and work my muscles and my spirit. I love to run and crank up the elliptical to the highest level and throw kettlebells and squat till the cows come home.

About a month or so ago, I decided I was going to throw all of my (non-work related) energy  into working out a lot. Like twice a day. A few days, more. I needed something on which to focus my (still somewhat sad) heart and mind.

Working for Healthworks, I have lots of exercise options at my fingertips.

It was good — at first. My running pace started to slide back into the 8’s, something that has not happened since last year. I pounded the hills of the Boston Common and started to get a nice tan in the process. I felt strong in kettlebells and even stronger in Gravity class. I took to the elliptical like it was my job. And the arc trainer, too.

Meanwhile, my attempts at losing the weight I gained since starting my job in Back Bay (Hello, after work drinks! Greetings, pizza for lunch! Hola, burritos!) were failing. I was working out a lot yet eating a lot and sleeping not a lot. My muscles were tired. My workouts were becoming high quantity and low quality.

Eventually –as you may have guessed — my little plan fell apart.

After some time thinking and some self-talking and a few good nights of sleep, I came up with a new plan. A refocused plan. It calls for a really different approach. Now, I am putting myself to bed EARLY. I am exercising way LESS (like once a day, just a few days a week). I am eating LESS food, with MORE fruit and vegetables. I am drinking MORE water. I have cut OUT alcohol (for the time being).

And you know what? It’s working.

The weight is starting to slide off. I am not hitting snooze on my alarm for two hours. My muscles are not sore all the time. I am less tired, have more energy and am on the path to feeling better about myself.

Yep, there are a lot of blog posts about how great Body Pump is and how marathoning can change your life (even one by me!) and how yoga is the best thing ever. I don’t disagree. This post is just to remind you that moderation is the key to it all.

Balance: In concept, simple. In life, hardly simple.