Since it’s been about 75-85 degrees every morning this week, nothing could be less appealing than my normal breakfast of cooked oatmeal and hot coffee. As I mentioned, I recently purchased a new blender, and have been putting that appliance to work at every chance I get! I was inspired to change up my morning coffee routine, and came up with my own frozen frappacino-esque drink. I brewed a pot of coffee the night before and let it cool, then added it to the blender this morning with some skim milk, a dash of half-and-half, and about 6 ice cubes. Voila – frothy, cold java jolt. I’m not a fan of eating cold packaged cereals for breakfast, because they always leave me feeling hungry after about an hour! Instead, I’ve changed up my hot oatmeal by soaking ½ cup of regular oats in about a cup of almond milk overnight, and adding in fresh strawberries/blueberries, chopped dates and walnuts in the morning. The berries and dates are so naturally sweet, that this dish doesn’t even need to be sweetened. You could try this with any variations of nuts and fruit, for a filling, cool breakfast.

Have you been switching up your normal diet during this heat wave?