I am tan.

I look like I spent hours on the beach working hard to become a golden goddess. Truth be told, I have spent some time soaking up the sun this summer but yesterday, I got the tan of my life.

And it only took 10 minutes!

I decided to try spray tanning. I have heard a lot about it — both good and bad — and thought it might be interesting to give it a whirl and then write about it here. Healthworks partners with SkinHealth Centers so I decided to book an appointment at their Newbury Street location. The ladies at SkinHealth know what they’re doing so I was confident I was in good hands — and wouldn’t end up an orange, streaky mess.

When I arrived at SkinHealth yesterday afternoon, I filled out a brief health history form. Then, I was brought into one of their treatment rooms. There, was a tall black tent that was completely open on one side. I had the option to be as naked as I wanted so I decided to take it all off, except my underwear. I started with my back facing out and the aesthetician turned on the tanning machine.

It was loud and sounded like a vacuum cleaner.

First, she sprayed some air on me and then the tanning began. The color was cold and wet and she painted my body, making sure to get every nook and cranny! I turned around and she sprayed my face and then my front side. Yes, it was a little strange having another woman “paint” my chest but I knew the tan would be worth it!

After the spraying was done, she “dried” me off with hot air. I was told that I could shower in about six hours and when I did, the initial bronzer would come off (the water was indeed brown-ish) and then the tan would remain. And stay for a week or so! Cool!

I bought some “natural glow” body moisturizer (on the recommendation of the aesthetician) to help extend the tan on my skin.

It looks natural (got the thumbs-up from all of my co-workers right after I had it done) and it only smells a tiny bit —  but in a good way  —  like something sweet.  The tanning product has no alcohols, no oils, no artificial preservatives and no perfumes. Even though I have sensitive skin and sometimes break out in eczema, I have had no problems.

 Totally tan — and lovin’ it!

ps In a few weeks, I will blogging about my experience trying a week-long juice cleanse. I will be trying my best to follow the JOOS program, which involves two juices a day and a vegan meal. And some healthy snacks, like hummus and nuts, if I’m dying of hunger. Which I have a feeling I might be. But, I’m excited to try it. All in the name of blogging….