The launch of Body Jam 53 was AWESOME!  We had a full studio with amazing Jam music blaring on a hot summer Friday night, and it was a blast team-teaching with Tavia and Brooke.  The only problem?  I think I got a little too ‘Jammie’ with my Jam.

Since Tavia was wearing the mic, and I had free reign to be dancin’ fool, I got carried away on one of my moon-man jumps and landed wrong on my left leg.  Consequently, I jammed my left hip — or strained a ligament somewhere in that general vicinity.  Now, as a good friend of mine likes to say, “my hips don’t lie.”

Actually, lie was pretty much all I could do all the next day.  Lying on my good side to elevate the bum hip, I iced 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, hoping that my hip could be cured before Sunday morning Body Jam so I could be ready for Disco 2010 round 2!  Honestly, I didn’t mind the excuse to lie around and do nothing.  I felt a little better after many cycles of the icing regimen, so I walked to the grocery store.  I came home nearly in tears.  My hip just did not want to do anything.  Ugh!

The worst part of all of this was the fear.  The fear of not being able to teach my classes and move my body at the gym.  I knew I was okay because I had been able to finish class after the nasty jump, and I could get from Point A to Point B without terrible trouble the next day.  But I have always been terrified of serious injury, and this little ligament incident was too close for comfort.  I hope I haven’t been taking my physical health for granted because I’ve certainly had a wake-up call with this minor injury.

Ice, ice, ice and more ice.  Rest, rest, rest as much as possible.  I repeat the mantra, follow the directions, and will myself to get better.  I love teaching my classes — not teaching them halfway using only my upper body — but teaching them full out, getting everyone in the room fired up.   I’m working on getting back to 100% and soon as possible.  And forever after I’ll be bracing my core on all jumps to avoid jamming body parts.   I dance like a maniac, but I want to be a healthy, smart dancin’ fool!