I’ve been indulging in some pampering lately and, I have to say, it feels good!

Last week I had my first-ever facial with Nina in the Healthworks spa.  I was definitely nervous going in, as I had no idea what to expect and had heard that it can sometimes be a slightly painful experience.  However, other than getting gently scolded for not removing my make-up before workouts, the experience was wonderful!  Nina taught me so much about my own skin that I just never knew.  Plus, she urged me to sign up for one of her free 15-minute skin consultations this week so that she can check on my progress.   I’ve been following Nina’s directions, so let’s hope I pass her test!

This past weekend, I also got my hair cut, something I rarely do.   I’ve been known to go a full 12 months without sitting in the salon chair.  Yes, I realize that’s a little ridiculous.  So I visited the new Rock Paper Scissors Salon on Newbury Street for my Saturday appointment with Sami.  It was a fabulous hour!  I was in very good hands and got to listen to 80’s Hair Band music the entire time.  YES!  I left feeling like a million bucks, got compliments all afternoon on my new ‘do and will definitely go back to Sami’s chair next time I need a cut.

This week, I’m up for a leg-waxing.  I have a few days to brace myself for the varied pains of the waxing table, but my legs will be so much cooler and aerodynamic once I’m done.  I can’t wait– it’s been a HOT couple of weeks.

So what started me on this pampering kick?  It had to have been my one-hour massage with Back Bay’s Lisa a few weeks ago.  I hadn’t taken time for myself like that in over three years.  And Lisa took such good care of my tired muscles, I felt like a new person for the rest of that day — and for days after.  The experience got me thinking about how much I push myself and how, if I want to continue pushing, I need to stop and take a break every once in a while.  Respite is good, and we all need some pampering now and then.