So, today is the first day of of my first-ever  juice cleanse.

Yep, after a weekend with the girls in New York City (that included french fries, wine, Tasti-Delite, lots of cheese and a bunch of other deliciously-bad-for-you things) I decided this was the week I would give it a try. Plus, I am planning to do a little hiking next weekend in Vermont so I thought I would start a healthy streak and keep it going.

livewellwomen blogger Jean is also going to join me in this experiment and we will both blog about our results.

I am doing the JOOS cleanse — which means I will drink two vegetable and fruit-packed juices a day along with vegan meal. The juices have about 300 or so calories each so this is definitely not starvation. The goal here is to feel better, have more energy and give my body a chance to reset.

JOOS was founded by Lauri Meizler — a Newton mom of four. When I met her in person, I could not get over how awesome she looked. I want her arms! She’s doing something right!

I am off to pick up my juice soon. This morning, I subbed a Naked “green machine” juice for breakfast since I didn’t have my JOOS yet. It’s 11 am and I feel pretty good. A little hungry but nothing terrible. I also ran 4.2 miles this morning.

Stay tuned for updates. If you want to read the official JOOS blog, check it out here.