I am sitting here at work trying to suck down an Immunity Booster JOOS.

It is not easy.

This juice contains 100 percent organic carrot, celery, cucumber, bok choy, beet, apple, kale, chard, collards, ginger, tumeric, lemon and lime.  However, I’ve only drank about 10 percent of it so far.

The same thing happened last night when I went to have my JOOS for dinner. I could only drink half and decided that I’d add some fruit and a little piece of tofu to my meal so I had enough energy to watch the Bachelorette!

It’s day #2 of my juice cleanse and I am feeling good. Basically, I am starting to modify this a little to make it work for me. Because I am having trouble getting all of the juice down (I honestly think it’s the celery in the juice that is making it hard for me, I can’t get past that flavor), I am supplementing it with some vegan food — this morning, I had some raw organic cashews and two prunes.

And I am drinking more water. I am giving up my beloved Coke Zero this week. I am using decaf coffee as a “digestive” rather than a “stimulant.”

My only “slip” yesterday was 3 bites of bread — it came with my salad and I had a super long wait at the Sprint store and…I guess the bread was not vegan but everything else I ate was  (JOOS, salad with tofu, nuts, kiwi, prunes, water, etc). Today I am going to buy some seaweed at Trader Joe’s — Lauri, the founder of JOOS, swears by it!

For me, this cleanse is not about being perfect.  Rather, it’s about cutting out some foods that are potentially “sensitive” (dairy, diet soda, processed sugar) as a test and seeing how I  feel. I am so curious to see if there will be any results after going vegan for a week.

Gotta drink some more JOOS — another update to come tomorrow!