**Writing this while munching on dried seaweed snacks from Trader Joe’s! **

It’s day #3 of my JOOS cleanse and I have to say that I have modified this plan more than a little bit.

BUT — I am thrilled to report  that despite the tweaks, I have stayed vegan and free of caffeine, processed sugar, gluten and alcohol (to date).

Backtrack to yesterday: I could not get much of my JOOS down in the morning so I added some prunes, cashews and a little organic granola. (After all, I am not doing this to starve!!)

Lunch was my MEAL — I had brown rice, avocado, tofu and mango. For a snack, I had an apple and a package (60 cals) of seaweed. Then, at 6 pm, I had the Healthworks Running Club.

Woah. I eeked out 3 miles and it was not pretty. I felt light while I was running but a little out of it — I don’t know how to explain it. When I got back to the club, I had a premonition that my commute home was going to be terrible. Good thing I grabbed the first part of my dinner — a package of  the vegan heart-shaped muffin things they sell at the Healthworks cafe. Little did I know then, I had a long road home.

I tried to get on the T at Copley to head to my car in Brookline but it was packed because of the Red Sox (the bane of my existence!) so I walked  to Kenmore. Then, it took me another hour to get home. When I got home, I was beat. Showered, did laundry and ate some fruit and cashews before I hit the hay.

This is a big victory. For me (and for many people) stress + fatigue usually means not the best food choices. But, I stuck to my guns and stayed vegan!

This morning, I drank an entire JOOS while waiting for my car during an oil change. It manageable…It was a different flavor today (Antioxidant Blast) and tasted less celery-ish to me. I ate it with some cashews. It was way earlier than I usually eat breakfast and as a result, I have been hungry. Snacks this morning have included a few prunes, a banana, some seaweed and the very last of the (small) amount of the granola.

For lunch, I have tofu, hummus, avocado and will seek out brown rice or salad in Back Bay.

Dinner may be tough tonight — I am not sure when I am going to be home to get to my JOOS so I may have those vegan muffin things and some fruit. I don’t feel bad doing one juice and two meals a day. I know it’s not quite Lauri’s program but the bottom line is I am putting AMAZING things into my body and making a big change for a week.

As Lauri emailed me last night:

“You should be proud and give yourself credit. We are so used to beating ourselves up instead of focusing on our achievements. It’s all a process. In fact, the more JOOS Cleanses you do, the easier it becomes. There are several people who actually live the principles of the cleanse on a daily basis…and some for over a year. You’re doing great and I can tell you’ll eventually enjoy this.”

I am trying….

Stay tuned for more to come from me and fellow blogger Jean.