Joos cleanse has begun! I drank my first Joos yesterday at noon, after I picked up my Joos bottles at Healthworks in Back Bay. I felt pretty excited to dive into this and start feeling the benefits of a cleanse, which I’ve always been curious about and wanting to try.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past few days, so my first Joos was the Immunity Booster which is made from carrot, celery, cucumber, bok choy, beet, apple, kale, chard, collards, ginger, tumeric, lemon and lime. As Judith wrote in her blog entry, the Joos is a little…earthy? The first sip was surprising but I found myself liking it as I continued to drink. Because they are so potent, I’ve been drinking them very slowly, just a few sips at a time. Since I had started off the day with cooked oatmeal, I figured that I would count that as my vegan meal for the day, and drink Joos for lunch and dinner. I was fine for the most part, but it was a little difficult to have a liquid lunch and then come home to a liquid dinner. In between, I ate some blueberries, a plum, banana, and some Mary’s Gone Crackers (recommended by Joos-founder Lauri) with hummus. Not too bad! I’m normally a coffee drinker, and didn’t want to go cold-turkey, so I sipped on some black tea today instead.

Last night, I got some of the ingredients for my next cooked meal ready. I made some broiled tofu, which is delicious and has great texture – dip slices of tofu into a mixture of lemon juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, and water, then lay on a pan and broil for about 10 minutes. Pour the rest of the marinade over the tofu in the pan and continue to broil for another 7 minutes or so. It makes a great topping for salads. I cooked some quinoa as well and figured I would bring to lunch tomorrow with vegetables.

As it turns out though, I’ve been feeling sicker today (not because of the Joos at all though!), so I decided to call out of work. I drank my second Immunity Booster this morning, grateful for its army of vitamins and nutrients to help fight my cold, and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I wasn’t in the mood for the tofu, so I made myself the smoothie that I usually have for breakfast…I know it seems strange to want another liquid meal, but it’s what I craved so I went for it. It’s a pretty hefty smoothie – almond milk, banana, cocoa powder, 2 tbps of peanut butter, and a 1/2 cup of oats, plus some ice. The tofu will have to wait for tomorrow when I’m (hopefully) feeling better.

My feelings about the Joos cleanse so far have been good. I love the feeling of drinking something that is packed with  juices from amazingly beneficial foods that I don’t normally get into my diet all at once. I like that Lauri’s view of the cleanse isn’t too harsh, and that there isn’t any judgment about modifying to fit your needs. I sent her an email last night, because I was confused about whether or not our snacks between meals should be limited to fruits and vegetables, or if things like nut butters, gluten-free crackers, etc., were ok too. She responded by telling me that those foods other than fruits and vegetables are for in between meals ideally, but that other snacks could be added if I felt like I needed more. She also said: “We, as Americans, are afraid to feel hungry. In Europe, people eat 3 meals per day and don’t think about food in between while we think about it non stop, so it seems. Often we think we’re hungry when we’re really thirsty. We also can feel hungry out of habit. While we don’t want you to be uncomfortable, we do want you to learn mindfulness on this process and be able to determine if you’re truly hungry.”  I was happy to get this response, because it really hit home for me. While I’m a consistently healthy eater with my regular diet, I definitely think that I eat sometimes out of habit, or out of boredom. This is something I’d like to learn how to change, and I’m hoping that by bringing awareness and discipline to my diet during the cleanse, that I’ll be able to start being more discerning about when and how much I really need to eat.

– Jean