Yesterday afternoon was a  little rough.

I am not going to lie.

I was so hungry that I ate wayyyyyy too much trail mix too quickly and then some of the delicious JOOSbites and then I had a ginormous bloated stomach. And it hurt.

UGH. Lesson learned (once again). Too much fiber (or too much of anything) is not a good thing!

I went to an event work last night and brought two of those vegan heart-shaped muffin things from the Healthworks cafe with me to eat during the night. I also had a few bites of veggies from a Lean Cuisine dish (they were sampling at the event) and MAYBE four small sips of a grossly-sweet cocktail. So not my thing.

By the time I got home, once again I was hungry and tired. I wanted pizza!!!!!!!!

But, no, I cooked up a block of tofu in grapeseed oil and added some seaweed and cashews. I know Lauri does not suggest eating so close to bedtime but sometimes you’ve got to break the rules, right?

I woke up this morning after a battle with my snooze button and decided I was not feeling a JOOS at the moment. I wanted to chew. So I got some honeydew and sprinkled it with trail mix. I also enjoyed some water, a decaf coffee and a prune. Breakfast of champions??

Today is the Copley Square Farmer’s Market and there is a bakery that sells this delicious square of gluten-free bread (it is sort of sponge-y like cornbread). I am planning to get a chunk of that at some point today along with either a salad or a modified boloco burrito in a bowl (the summer with a little brown rice minus the cheese in a bowl with tofu). Tomorrow morning I am going to Vermont and will hike, eat healthy and rest.

So, what started as a juice cleanse for me has morphed more into the experiment of testing myself, my mind, my body and seeing what the result is. I am feeling a whole lot better today and while I am definitely missing “real” food, I am going to stick to my guns and finish this week out. There may be a little red wine in my future later but I am OK with that. I have added some mindfulness back into my eating this week and really forced myself to think about what I am putting into my body. I am grateful to Lauri for helping me do this and giving me the chance to try JOOS and learn about the cleansing process.

Here is an article about overcoming cravings that a friend who just finished a 7-day cleanse just emailed me. Interestingly enough, he also was craving pizza during his cleanse….

More either from or after Vermont…..