I started off today feeling a little grumpy, a little annoyed at drinking yet another Antioxidant Blast instead of chewing food. Also a little jealous of other people’s pizza, breakfast sandwiches, soft pretzels…stuff I normally don’t even eat anyway. I think just the idea of something being off limits was making me want it more. But this is the same with everything in life, no?

By late afternoon, though, I’m past that and feeling good. Actually really good. Maybe it’s Friday, maybe it’s the Joos cleanse, but I feel pretty upbeat, alert, and good all around. For lunch, I bought a Macro-Vegan buckwheat noodle box lunch from Whole Foods, because I hadn’t prepared anything in advance. This actually had wheat in it, but I was having a hard time finding anything that was both vegan and gluten free, and actually looked good.  I haven’t been snacking much today though, just some cashews earlier this morning, and that was because I was actually hungry – which makes me feel ok about it.

This weekend will probably be a challenge for staying with the Joos cleanse. I’m going to do my best to stay away from alcohol and other “irritants” but being around other people will make it harder. Plus that Festival of Food Trucks is happening on Sunday…Temptation abounds, but I’m having a good time sticking with this and hope to keep it up. Wish me luck!

– Jean