I am sitting here sipping coffee. Fully-caffeinated coffee.

There is no seaweed in sight today as I write this blog entry.

My JOOS-turned-vegan-cleanse is over. I actually ended it on Friday night when I enjoyed  half a pizza in the North End. The experiment was interesting but I was ready to return to my normal game plan of eating.

Here’s why:

1. I was feeling super cranky all week.

2. I was incredibly tired.

3. I was not very happy.

4. I was tired of eating the same food (tofu, seaweed, cashews and fruit were my four mainstays). This is MY OWN FAULT because I did not take the time or effort to prepare/stock up on lots of interesting vegan food — which I know is out there. I was running around and trying to grab what I could and well, it just wasn’t all that exciting. This program would work beautifully it you took the time to prepare for it. My bad.

5. Friday was a beautiful summer evening and I wanted to soak up the night with some good food and wine with friends. I felt like I wanted to live in the moment.

Saturday (after a really good night of sleep), I ate yogurt (dairy never tasted so good!), oatmeal and fruit and felt like a million bucks.

The rest of the weekend? Well, it wasn’t so pretty but…I enjoyed. (I now need a court-ordered separation from pizza, but alas, it was tasty!)

(Note: Even though I broke my cleanse early, I did go a full week without caffeine! WOW! That was an accomplishment!)

Today is Monday morning and as I look back, I have some reflection.

I love the idea of the cleanse and I think Lauri is really onto something with her JOOS. It IS great to give your body a chance to reset and see what you foods you are sensitive to, and I love that her juices are made with organic fruits and veggies. I love that it is not a “crazy” starvation diet. It is definitely nutritionally sound and full of great, whole food. I did feel less bloated during the week — my guess is because of removing gluten from my diet.

For me, it was hard to get the full joos down and thus, I started adding other food so I would get enough calories. On some days, I went a little overboard with the vegan food (ie the trail mix fiasco) and even eating too much tofu at once.

I am used to being extreme — I have been waging a lifelong battle with moderation on all levels (in every part of my life, in addition to eating). Normally, I would have exceled at something like the cleanse, I have a lot of discipline and focus which has benefitted me (like while marathon training) and hurt me (like all of those times where I forced myself  to follow some sort of cuckoo diet plan or restricted my life/happiness because of my eating).

I guess what I liked about this experiment was this:  I tried it, I decided it wasn’t the best for me at this point in time and I stopped.

To me, that is a big step.

It is another step toward moderation.

 ** Big thanks to Lauri for allowing me to try JOOS, and of course, if anyone is interested in giving the cleanse a whirl, please tell her I sent you! **