Today is officially my last day on the Joos cleanse. I had my final Immunity Booster this morning, a vegan fruit-juice sweetened bran muffin from Trader Joe’s with almond butter, and for lunch I packed some homemade tabouleh and baked falafel. I have mixed feelings about returning to a “regular” diet now. I’ve been feeling longing for foods that I’ve cut out – like ice cream and pizza, and yet at the same time, I think that if those foods were in front of me right now, I wouldn’t really feel like eating them. Strange! I’m planning on taking Lauri’s advice and adding back one ingredient at a time (dairy, gluten, caffeine, etc) and seeing how I feel. It’s definitely interesting to take those things away and then having a sort of level playing field for discovering things that your body doesn’t like. For instance, I had some seemingly innocent whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and vegetables on Saturday for my vegan meal, and almost immediately noticed that I felt bloated and uncomfortable afterwards. Being on the cleanse has helped me a bit in some detective work, uncovering what works and what doesn’t for my body.

I’ve been really surprised to discover that I can get by eating a lot less food than I normally do, without feeling hungry. I’ve felt a lot lighter while still being satisfied, and realized how often I’ve been eating for fear of being hungry, rather than actually being hungry. In this sense, I feel that I met my primary goal for the Joos cleanse successfully.

Final thoughts and recap:

  • I’d say it’s been a very good experience. As far as external results: my skin is looking pretty good and my stomach definitely feels flatter. I lost about a pound and a half, and my boyfriend commented that he thought I was looking noticeably slimmer. All good things!
  • I really liked being able to drink my veggies, and get “a shot” of vitamins every day with the Joos. It definitely made me feel really healthy. I’m considering buying a juicer now, so I can continue to incorporate juicing into my regular routine.
  • Overall, I didn’t think that sticking with the cleanse was too difficult. I definitely started to feel a little bored of drinking the Jooses, which all tasted pretty similar to me, by day 5 or so. As Judith said, it’s really helpful to have plan out vegan meals in advance to avoid getting bored or getting in a panic over finding something to eat that fits into the cleanse. I would recommend meal planning, and shopping for your favorite fruits and vegetables in advance, to anyone considering starting the Joos cleanse.

And I want to say thank you to Lauri who provided me with the opportunity to do try the Joos cleanse and have this great experience!