Last night was the second Healthworks Blogger party event. This time 12 other women bloggers and I met at Healthworks for a Bosu class, followed by a great picnic in Copley Square.

The Bosu class, taught by Kate, was super challenging! I hadn’t expected such an intense workout from a 30 minute session, but I was definitely feeling the burn right away – trying to balance on the Bosu takes some serious balance and core strength.

After the workout, we were joined by Lynay and Melissa from Whole Foods, who provided us with a picnic dinner – sandwiches (I went with Avocado on sprouted grain bread with hummus and tomatoes, which was delicious and very filling), quinoa salad with cranberries and oranges, and a fruit salad – all in a re-usable Whole Foods tote. We also sampled Joos and Joos bites, which are mini-muffins made with leftover pulp from Joos, and heard from Joos Founder Lauri Meizler, who I was happy to finally meet in person! There were also mini cupcakes from Mix Bakery in peanut butter cup and carrot cake flavors. They were the perfect size, and tasted great. Kelly, the owner of Mix says that she doesn’t put anything ingredients in her cupcakes that she wouldn’t eat by itself on a spoon – and the flavor of the cakes really benefit from it.

It was a perfect summer evening for being outside, enjoying good company, and sampling all of these healthy and delicious treats…thank you, Healthworks!