This is the time of year when I always get a nervous/excited “back to school” feeling of anticipation, whether or not I’m actually a student. It so happens that this fall, I’m going to be a student for the first time in about 6 years – I’m beginning a Health Communications Masters program at Emerson College in combination with Tufts Medical School.  It’s a pretty cool program – combining the communications resources at Emerson with medical classes at Tufts. In the future I hope to be working in some sort of marketing form for a health related organization, possibly in the nutrition and exercise field, helping to communicate messages about healthy living to the public.I’ve been super excited to get back into the classroom, and purchased my books for class about 5 seconds after the course materials list was sent out! Yesterday I went to Staples and spent about a half an hour searching for the perfect note-taking pens and notebooks. A little overboard, yes, but there’s just something about the turn of the seasons and the start of something new that makes the end of summer/beginning of fall feel like magic to me.

I love that there are some upcoming programs at Healthworks reflecting the enthusiasm at this time of year – like the “Back to School Body Basics 101” workshop in Cambridge.  Even if your schoolbook days are over, there are always ways to take advantage of the seasonal momentum and brush up on healthy skills. If you’ve been lamenting the shortening of the days and the retreat of the heat, a little back to school excitement might be just what you need to stay motivated. 

– Jean