Hello.  My name is Jen and this is the first of what I hope will be many insightful and witty (you’ll have to trust me on this) blog posts on LiveWellWomen.com.  I’ve been a member at Healthworks Back Bay since 2005 and I recently took my workouts up a notch by doing the See Results program (I like it so much I did it twice actually).  As part of that program, I was writing a daily journal that got posted in the club.  I found that I really loved writing it and it became an important part of my weight loss process.  I lost 47 pounds and still have more to lose, so I’d love to keep writing for extremely selfish reasons.  On a more magnanimous front, I’ve realized that so many of us struggle with weight loss and fitness issues in a way that can feel really lonely sometimes. Sharing the struggles (and the occasional success!) helps us all support each other and sometimes that can make all the difference.  I am very lucky to be able to continue to share my journey with the Healthworks community.

I feel like I should have something really profound to say in my first post, but I don’t (and to be honest, I probably never will – I don’t want to get your hopes up or anything).  I’ll probably spend most of my time here making fun of myself, but I’ll try to talk about new workouts, ways to stay motivated, cooking ideas (which will actually fall into the “making fun of myself” category because I am an awesomely bad cook) and anything else that feels right.  I will also at some point probably mention how much I want to eat Cheez Its.  And drink margaritas.  Although not at the same time – no wait, I would totally eat Cheez Its and drink margaritas at the same time.

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.  I’ve gone up and down and done all sorts of stupid things to try to lose weight (as well as a few stupid things that caused me to gain weight).  So now I’m trying to take a more holistic and long-term view of things and do more than just lose weight – I’m trying to be healthy.  I don’t always succeed, but at least I’m headed in the right direction.

I’m leaving on October 1st for a two week trip to Europe (Czech Republic and Hungary).  I will do my best to send in some posts from abroad – but I might be more sporadic these first couple of weeks that I hope to be later on (way to make a good first impression, huh?)  Until then – Děkujeme!  That means “Thanks!” in Czech, which I realize isn’t really the most appropriate ending to this post, but it is the only Czech work I can remember (aside for the one for beer – which would be even *more* inappropriate) and I wanted to seem clever and international.