I am in search of new motivation.  Three years ago, I lost about 40 pounds.  This was a great accomplishment, and I have managed to keep it off since then, but I have been stuck on a plateau for a long time.  I’ve been taking two steps forward, two steps back over and over again and I need to break out of my old, tired habits and do something good for myself.

I turned 29 in July and I have just started to realize that this means that I will someday soon be turning 30.  I am setting a goal for myself to lose 30 pounds by the time I turn 30.  Hopefully I can get out of my own way enough to do this.  I have the skills and the knowledge, and now I need the motivation to get going and to keep myself going – not to get bored after a month and lose sight of my purpose.

I am no stranger to working out and working hard.  I take Spinning classes and I love Body Pump; I trained for and ran my first half marathon in June.  I also enjoy a lot of healthy foods and have incorporated clean eating into my life.  But, I have trouble getting both my workouts and my good eating habits to happen at the same time.  And if I have learned anything about losing weight and feeling good, it’s that these things need to coincide.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog posts as I try to kick my own butt back into action and become the balanced, energized, happy 30 year old I know I can be.