1.  I am so, so lucky to live here and be able to run by the beach whenever I want.  Hands down, the best thing about living on the North Shore is the proximity to the ocean.  It’s so calming and pretty to watch the waves in the morning and see the sunset at night.  I am sure the sunrise is also nice, I just don’t get out of bed that early on the weekends.

2.  Running six miles when you’ve fallen out of a routine is a heck of a lot harder than running six miles when you’re dedicated to a training schedule.  It is also quite difficult when you’ve been enjoying your summer vacation and little too much and then making excuses about how hard it is to get back into a routine now that the school year has started.  (Possibly the fact that I’ve been in school for 6 weeks already means that I have been milking the start of the school year excuse for a little too long.)  There is a lesson in this somewhere.

3.  Thank God that I have a running buddy.  If it weren’t for my friend Tara, I would never have signed up for, let alone followed through with, the 5-mile race, 10k and half marathon I ran last year.  Having somebody to meet at a certain time on a certain day, somebody to chitchat with and whine about husbands with, and somebody to push myself to keep up with makes everything better and somehow possible.

4.  Iced coffee, iced coffee, iced coffee.  Perhaps not coincidentally, our route has us ending up at the Dunkin Donuts in Nahant after every long(ish) run that we do.  I would be lying if I did not tell you that all I can think about for the last half mile is a medium iced French Vanilla.  America might run on Dunkin; we run TO Dunkin.  Hey, whatever works!