Good morning!

Welcome to the new Live Well Women blog!  We are excited to introduce our 4 new bloggers – Jen Blake, Carol Wilson, Johanna Smith and Jean Zove!

Jen, 34, has been a member at Healthworks since 2005.  She participates in the See Results program at Back Bay, and so far has lost 47 pounds!   As part of the program, Jen writes in a daily journal, documenting her weight loss struggles and successes.  As a new Healthoworks blogger, Jen will continue to share her trials and tribulations with weight loss and fitness for the Healthworks community!

Carol, 45, will be blogging for Healthworks as a busy, single mom of two.  As she battles her way through her mid-40s, Carol knows that it is now more important than ever to make her health  a priority, not only for the sake of her own wellness, but for the sake of her children.  Having faced several difficult personal challenges over the past few years, Carol is more than ready to share her wisdom and experiences with the Healthworks community.

Johanna, 29, has been a member at Healthworks Salem since 2002.  Johanna is currently stuck in a frustrating weight-loss plateau.  Having lost (and kept off) 40 pounds in the past, Johanna continues to struggle with losing those last unwanted pounds.  Johanna hopes to inspire the Healthworks community by sharing her struggles with other members that face the same obstacle.

Jean, 27, recently rejoined Healthworks in Cambridge.  As a busy marketing professional, graduate student, writer and yoga instructor, Jean is learning how to find a healthy balance in her hectic lifestyle.   Jean hopes to inspire readers with stories, tips and tricks for healthy living – no matter how chaotic or demanding your schedule may be!

We look forward to getting to know these women as they lead healthy, balanced lives in Greater Boston!