I realize I’m not off to the best start with my blog posts, but I’ve been too cheap to pay for an internet cafe here in Prague.  I finally broke down and did it, so I wanted to send a quick dispatch.  I was a journalism major in college and dreamed of being an international correspondant, filing important stories from exotic locations.  I guess a quick blog post from Prague will have to do!  Anyway, Prague is even better than I thought it was going to be (you can’t say that very often!).  The only bad thing is that I had hurt my ankle before I left Boston and I’m still having some trouble with it – so getting in workouts and walking around all day have been a bit challenging.  I have a great little gym in the hotel and I really like it, but my ankle has been too sore to use it every day like I planned.   On the upside, I have walked an absolute ton.  And I never miss a chance to walk up hills or take the stairs, so I feel like I’m kind of sneaking in extra activity all over the place.  My food choices haven’t been 100% fantastic.  I’m keeping myself so pleasantly busy that I don’t snack – which is sometimes a huge problem for me on vacations.  And being in a country that has sane portion sizes is also very helpful.  I splurged and got ice cream today and didn’t even really feel guilty because it was such a delicate  (I’m trying desperately to avoid saying “small” because it was really just normal) serving.  But it was still awesome and satisfied my craving.  A good lesson to bring home with me (along with a whole bunch of dirty laundry…).  I’m off to Budapest tonight – hopefully I will get to check in again soon.

P.S.  The Boston Bruins are playing in Prague tomorrow, so I have seen a bunch of Bruin jerseys.  I think I might have also seen an actual Bruin (a player – not the bear-like creature).  I feel like I brought a small piece of Boston to Prague with me…

– Jen