These days, one of my favorite reasons to get to the gym is to make it to a BodyPump class.  Sometimes I have trouble making myself get off of my couch and out the door if I plan to go after school (even if I have my gym bag in the car first), but when I log into the Healthworks website and reserve a ticket for BodyPump with Toni, I get motivated.

First of all, BodyPump makes you feel like a badass.  They have posters of scary looking sweaty people that look like this:

And slogans like “Pressure Makes Diamonds.”  They make you feel like you’re going to do something really tough, and drip sweat on the floor, and be really sore the next day.

But even though it’s really, really tough, it’s also really easy.  The instructors always take the time to explain how much weight you should be using, what your form should look like, and things you should remember.  There is good music playing to keep you from getting bored (and if you’re lucky, teachers who sing along with the lyrics) and routines that are simple enough to master but hard enough to keep you working.

After my weight training hiatus due to my summer of sloth, I am back into a BodyPump routine.  I told Toni a few classes ago that I was sad to have had to cut back on the amount of weight I could lift and she assured me that I would be back where I was before in no time.  Three weeks later, I don’t feel like my arms are going to fall off after the biceps track and I don’t have to take a break during the lunges.  I’m not exactly mastering the decline pushups during the chest track yet, but I have hope.  Add to that my delusional/obsessive desire to get arms like Michelle Obama’s, the joy I get out of ostentatiously complaining to my co-workers that I’m so sore because I worked out so hard, and my continued journey down the path of weightloss, and I’ll be at BodyPump tomorrow night.  See you there?