So, a long time ago one of the trainers at my Healthworks suggested that I “shake things up” a little bit and try new things. She thought it would keep me from getting bored and keep my body from getting too used to the same old routine. Of course, I promptly ignored this advice and kept doing my same old routine. I like routine. I like knowing that it’s Wednesday, and on Wednesday nights I go to Body Pump. I realize that this makes me sound like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” (do you watch that?) but I kind of take comfort in knowing what comes when.

Well, we kind of know how far this has gotten me. Stuck on a plateau. I’m not putting any weight on, but I haven’t been taking any off, either. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and, after my normal routine class on Monday, I stayed for Urban Rebounding.

Holy cow. First of all, I don’t really take many classes that require too much coordination. I am not exactly what you would call graceful. This was maybe my first problem. But also, I didn’t really expect to sweat a whole lot on a trampoline or for my quads to feel like Jell-o by the end of the class. I kind of had this idea in my head that we would be doing splits in the air and jumping around like that music video the girls did on “Saved By The Bell.”  [Best. Episode. Ever.]  I did not think that my shirt would have become an entirely different shade of gray due to all the sweat. This class was much more challenging than I gave it credit for, but it was also really fun! The songs were upbeat and fun (and not from the 80’s – I don’t know why that is the idea I have when I think of taking a cardio class) and FAST and we stopped and got off of the trampoline a few times to do lunges and planks and to use barbells for arm exercises. This was no afternoon of bouncing on the trampoline in my sixth grade best friend’s backyard.

Maybe the only downfall of the class was watching myself look like a total goof in the mirror, but once I got over that I was able to just have a good time.  Overall this was a great workout and I will be back.  And who knows – could this be a gateway for me into the scary, scary world of Zumba?