I like to think I’m  someone who pushes myself in my workouts.  I also like to consider myself a “quiet” person, but a friend nearly spit out her drink when I announced this the other day, so eager was she to correct this illusion.  Apparently, I harbor under a lot of false illusions.  So when left to my own devices, I do try very hard at the gym – but I don’t try hard enough.  I’m fine with cardio and basic strength training exercise – but I totally cop out when it comes to exercise I truly detest (proof the universe hates me can be found in the fact the exercise I detest are the ones that trainers love) and when it comes to exercises where I’m not totally confident in my ability to perform it without breaking a window/maiming a fellow gym member/knocking out all of my teeth.  So this all means that my workouts on my own in Europe were not on par with my normal workouts.

That changed today.  I swore at Lauren under my breath  a few times and half way through demanded that she return the present I gave her for her birthday – but when it was all over, I wanted to hug her (I was very sweaty – so *not* hugging her was kind of like a second birthday present).

When I’m working out by myself, my thought process goes like this:  “I will do planks now.  Actually, no.  I will just lay here on my stomach for a while.   I’ll suck in my stomach while I’m doing it though – that will totally work my abs.”  Planks are probably my least favorite gym-related activity.  I did not do a single plank the whole time in Europe.  I even lost my “plank elbow” (also known as the rough skin around my elbows where my arms touch the ground during planks).  And then there was today’s workout, where we did many, many plank.

Another solo scenario:  “I think I’ll do some dead lifts with this super heavy weight.  I’m totally strong enough for it.  Hmm, but what if I do something wrong and screw up my back or break a window.  Maybe I shouldn’t risk it.  Is there a juice bar in the gym?”  But in Bootcamp, I know I can rely on Lauren’s expertise to keep me away from broken backs and broken windows, so I’m free (and encouraged) to try the heavier weight.

All of this is my way of saying that today’s boot camp was the best workout I’ve had in over two weeks and I needed it.  I felt grumpy and slow in a way that didn’t have anything to do with post-vacation/back to work blues.  Nothing like a butt-kicking work out to clear the cobwebs!  If you are interested and have never tried agroup training class, I highly recommend it.  Being a confirmed introvert and self-conscious about the way I look (and sometimes smell) when I workout, I never would have thought I would like them.  But I absolutely love them.  You’ve got a trainer to push you and you’ve got classmates who cheer each other on (and sometimes plot about overthrowing the trainer in a bloody mutiny – but that hardly ever happens).


Anyway, I feel I have diverged a bit.  I just feel 100% better after today’s workout.  Now I just need to get back to sticking to me eating plan…


no planks were done in this lovely gym….

And lest you think I didn’t work out at all in Europe, I present you with a picture of my gym in Prague (people looked at my pretty funny when I was taking this picture – I didn’t care).  A lovely and fine gym, but there was nobody there to tell me to do planks.  And I don’t know the Czech word for plank, so it would have just been confusing.