So This Is What a Plan To Fail Looks Like

I’ve often heard (and actually agree with) the adage “A failure to plan is a plan for failure”.  But the past couple of weeks, it has really hit home.  I think most people who know me would tell you I’m a very organized person.  I love lists.  If I have a “to do” list and I do something that is not on that list, I will add that task after I’ve done it just for the satisfaction of crossing it off.  But one of the reasons I am like that is that I’m actually a totally unorganized and ineffective person if left to my own devices.  So if I’m not super vigilant about planning, chaos ensues.  And all of this leads me to the point that chaos has reigned supreme in my life since I got back from vacation because I haven’t forced myself back into hyper-vigilant planning mode.  This has led to all sorts of things of which I am not proud.  Like the fact that on Friday morning, I was forced to wear a pair of pants on which the hem had come undone and I had to fix that hem after I had the pants on.  If that doesn’t sound too bad, it’s because I haven’t told you that I fixed said pants with a stapler.  And let me be clear here – this was just a regular old stapler with regular old silver staples.  And on an even more troublesome note, this lack of planning has led to dinners that look like this:

Yes, that is a bowl of Cheerios (with raisins!) and a glass of red wine.  And that was my dinner on more than one occasion this past week.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Cheerios red wine.  But it isn’t a very satisfying dinner.  And since my lunches weren’t much better, I ended up snacking on crap a lot.  To add insult to injury, snacking on crap makes me feel sluggish and far less likely to go the gym (especially on nights when I don’t have a class).  There you have – a plan for failure.

So now I’m attempting to regain control.   Friday night I sat down with the latest issue of Clean Eating (soooo many good recipes!) and planned my meals for the week.  I spent today cooking, cleaning and actually writing down my workout plan for the week, complete with lists of exercises for nights that I don’t have a class (oh lists, I missed you!).

So I’m starting this week feeling like I’m back in control.  But just in case, I also made sure to reload my stapler.