I don’t know why it’s been months since I’ve gone to a spinning class.  I used to go every Sunday morning, but since I’ve been working on Saturdays, I have instituted a strict no alarm clock one day a week policy.  It’s necessary, really.  But this week, in my continued effort to shake things up, I decided to go back to my old friend – I didn’t realize how much I was missing it!

Spinning is one of my favorite workouts.  It’s fast-paced and sweaty (and I think we’ve established that I like to pretend that I am a badass when I workout) and usually has really good music.  I have to admit, I also like the tough love encouragement of the spin instructors.  I need somebody to yell at me a little bit to get my legs moving and my heart beating.  Left to my own devices, I sometimes end up reading US Weekly on the elliptical, and I think we can tell how many calories that’s going to burn off.  [But while we’re on the topic of spin instructors, can I just mention that I’m not buying it when I’m told to feel the wind in my hair or look at the beautiful path to the top of the mountain?  Really, we’re inside and I’m ok with that.  You can’t fool me.]

I think my only downfall with Spinning is my inability to stop myself from singing sometimes.  I apologize to the people who wind up next to me.  I try to contain it.  Maybe Healthworks should consider making a Spin and Sing class for dorky people like me who get caught up in the music.  To be fair, I often want to sing in any class I take (or when listening to my ipod and doing cardio) but when I have to coordinate moving I am usually too focused on not tripping to have time to sing.  The beautiful thing about Spinning is that it requires no coordination, because you stay on your bike the whole time.  The trickiest part is at the end when I have to try to not fall on my face while putting my foot on the bike seat so I can stretch my hamstring.