Last weekend, I had brunch with my husband at Cafeteria in Boston.  This is not the uncharacteristic part of the story.  Brunch is my favorite.  Here’s the strange thing – after we walked around a bit, we left Newbury Street and I had only bought one thing.  I bought a hat.  For running.  In the cold.

I think that I have already mentioned that I am a wimp.  I don’t really like cold weather and I kind of tend to whine a lot.  I am usually quite the fair weather runner; my last time venturing out last year was on Thanksgiving morning, and that was only because I had registered and paid for a race that day.  (BTW, the Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run in Salem is super fun and the profits go to the Boys & Girls Club of Salem.  The course goes through different parts of Salem, including some residential neighborhoods, where last year there were groups of people cheering from their driveways, and one family even giving out Dixie cups of Bloody Marys as we ran by.  I highly recommend it.)  But for some reason, I was inspired to buy this cold weather running gear, maybe as a promise to myself to keep it moving more than I did last year.

So I bundled up before I went outside on Sunday.  I dug out the “windstopper” running pants I bought in a delusional moment three summers ago, when I found them for $14 at Filene’s Basement.  They still had the tags attached.  I thought for a moment, there is a lesson here.  Stop buying things thinking you are going to do something and then giving up on yourself.  I’ve always been a bargain shopper and I’m sure the lure of originally marked $95 anything marked down to $14 was thrilling enough for me to snap up those pants.  This may or may not have been on the same shopping trip when I decided, yes, I am sure I will wear those red patent leather shoes.  They will go with everything!

So I have worn my cold weather running hat once.  It’s excellent.  Its soft, fleecyness covers my ears to keep them protected from the wind, and the ponytail hole in the back lets me keep my hair tied up and not stuffed on top of my head.  There is even a little bit of sweat-wicking material under the ponytail spot to keep the back of your neck from getting sweaty and then freezing.  I’m heading out again this morning, even though I can hear the wind whistling in my windows.  I am going to endeavor to keep up my promises to myself this time, and not give up. I am going to remain consistent and stop pretending I am going to do things and then not do them.  I know, this is only a hat.  But it’s also a continuation of my goals.  And now a public declaration that you guys can hold over my head in the future if I need to be reminded.