So, I’ve kind of been feeling sorry for myself over here.  Since my foot injury, I have been taking a break from exercising and trying to let myself heal.  But, this has really meant that a large part of my normal routine has gone by the wayside.  I haven’t been to the gym and I haven’t been running.  The doctor told me to not walk more than I have to so I’ve resorted to taking an elevator here or there when I would usually take the stairs.  I’ve been a little down.  I have that paranoid feeling thatI’ve immediately gained 10 pounds (delusional, I know), my energy levels are nowhere near what they usually are, I am pretty sure I won’t be able to run the race I signed up for on Thanksgiving morning and I miss the ladies I see at my usual gym times, who always have such nice and supportive things to say.  All in all, I spent a couple days this week having a personal little pity party on my couch.

But, last night my husband and I had our second annual Friend Thanksgiving dinner.  We had invited over a bunch of friends, both old and new, made a menu, cooked a turkey, and had a blast.  We were so lucky to have 16 of the people who are the most important in our lives (including a college friend who came all the way up from Virginia to join us) in our house, and it really put life into a little perspective to me.  It inspired me to really think about and appreciate the blessings in our life.

We are lucky to have a place to live, even if we still haven’t found the perfect house to buy and we’re still renting in a less than ideal location.  Our rental apartment has enough room that we were able to gather together all of these people, however  awkward the seating arrangements were, and at a time when so many have so little, I am reminded that we have a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep.  We are lucky to have the luxury to have not only enough to eat, but to be able to provide a dinner.  Not to mention to have a friend’s boyfriend who makes and shares excellent pumpkin cheesecake.  We are lucky to be able to have the good health to enjoy our time together, and the good fortune to laugh about shared times we’ve had in the past.  I am blessed to have an amazing husband, whose love of Thanksgiving inspired our new tradition and who was brave enough to pull out the turkey neck and giblets before he followed his Food Network recipes to an OCD-level of accuracy.


I’m thankful for the reminder to look around and be grateful for what I have, even before the holiday itself reminds us all.  I am going to have a week of giving thanks, not just a day, and hopefully I will remember to carry this gratitude with me throughout the year.  Because even though I am frustrated about not being able to work out for a little while longer, I am lucky to have an amazing gym like Healthworks to miss, and the prospect of many future sweat sessions when I am healed up.  Not everybody is as lucky as I am.