For any elves out there who may still be looking for the perfect gift, have I got some websites for you.

It was in 2000 that a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the only way natural to her, she faced her disease with tremendous poise, courage and beauty. We should have known then that in the midst of difficult, painful and scary moments, she would focus her attention and intention upon the creation of a product and company dedicated to alleviating discomfort for hormonally-unsteady women everywhere.

As her own treatment and chemo-induced hormonal changes sparked unbearable night sweats, the imagination of her former Olympic skiing and bobsledding husband started problem solving. At his suggestion, she wore his dry wicking athletic clothes to bed one night. At that moment, performance sleepwear was born and the couple proved, in yet another way, that they were going to navigate and conquer this disease together.

And that they did. She has now been cancer free for years and they have indeed created a dreamy line of sleepwear. And so, if you know anyone who loves luxury, needs a great night’s sleep or begs for uninterrupted and deep rest, then you simply must check out this product. These dry-wicking pajamas are soft, silky and comfortable. The proprietary fabric is reminiscent of both your favorite lingerie and the best athletic wear you have ever worn. You can order nightgowns, camisoles, shorts, full length pant and top sets or any combination of such. You may also pick and choose from a wide array of colors, piping and button options. You can go for sexy or practical or both. Everything that you order is “custom built” according to your preference and design.

No longer is their consumer base rooted solely in women experiencing the hormonal fluctuations resulting from cancer treatments, pregnancy and menopause. My own favorite, go-to, nightgown was a gift that I wore before, during and since pregnancy. For me, shifting hormones have not been a problem, and yet I love the feel of these pajamas and wear them often. As the product line and options expand, so does the clientele. Women of all ages are enjoying and ordering these fabulous pajamas for women of all ages. Actually, men of all ages are also ordering these fabulous pajamas for women of all ages. Recently, I suggested to one of my close male friends that he buy a nightgown and set of pillow cases for his lovely wife. She is, for some undetermined reason, suffering from night sweats that keep her awake and changing linens when she would rather be curled up next to her man. In the end, I suggested, it would behoove him to keep her comfortable and asleep. At my own wedding, another male friend advised my husband, “A happy wife = a happy life”. This is just one way to keep a wife happy. For all of you women looking for something to make your man smile this Christmas, don’t forget to order a set for him, too! The shorts and tops will have him looking athletic and buff while feeling just as comfie as you do. No matter how you look at it, this is surely a great way to crawl into bed.

And there’s more … the company has now grown into the field of tailor made scrubs as well. The greatest part of this gift is that anyone who lives and works in scrubs will enjoy the delight of feeling as though she/he is wearing comfortable, fashionable and professional pjs to work. Our friends have created a fabric that is anti-microbial; sweat-wicking; odor, stain and wrinkle resistant; fade and shrink proof. Again, each set is made to fit your individual taste and designs. The palette of colors is extensive, the combinations seemingly endless and you may have names or logos printed on the scrubs themselves. I have to say that my brothers and sister-in-laws who are in the medical field are already wearing and loving them. The women, especially, appreciate the shapeliness of the styles and piping. Regardless of body size and shape, everyone whom I have seen seems to look taller, slimmer and more comfortable and fluid in their hospital garb. My same brothers and sister-in-laws are giving the scrubs to each other, their colleagues and support staffs for Christmas gifts this year.

Just imagine, you could be the favorite gift giver this year. Or the most grateful gift receiver this year. Simply explore and and you won’t be disappointed. Some choices could be gift wrapped and slipped under a tree while others could just as easily be placed on the top of your own wish list for Santa.