This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post because of my traveling ways.  The first time, I wrote on my phone on an airplane, but clicked somewhere wrong and lost it.  The second time, my mother-in-law’s computer decided to be tempramental and I lost it.  And now, I am crossing my fingers!

Writing is not the only difficult thing about traveling for the holidays.  Our whirlwind week has included a roadtrip from Boston to Pennsylvania to see my dad and my in-laws, a flight to Texas to ring in the New Year and celebrate my college roommate’s 30th birthday, and lots of trying to cram everything in between.  My eating and exercising has been totally off this week.  I am ready to get back to real life, for sure!  All of this travel has presented me with several obstacles: loss of control over what I’m eating when staying with friends and family; emotional eating coming from not having my mom with me for Christmas and mindless eating coming from sitting around and visiting with family; that whole it’s vacation, I deserve this treat feeling; let’s try to meet these friends we never see for lunch/drinks/coffee/dinner.  I can handle the car eating and the airplane eating, but what’s in between has been an issue.  I am trying my best to eat the clementines that my mother-in-law stocked up on instead of the cookies that everybody baked, and at this point it’s not too hard, but only because I think my body is exhausted from the excess it’s been having for the last week.  Somebody get me some kale.

I’ve also been trying to sneak in some exercise here and there, but that’s been tough with my recent injury (the doctor said to ease back into things, and told me I should be better after the New Year – which is now! Yay!).  I’ve been walking a lot as a tourist in Texas and doing laps in the airport while waiting to board, but I can’t wait to get my butt back to Healthworks asap.  Usually, my husband and I will go to gyms down here in PA while we’re visiting family – with the Healthworks membership to IHRSA I’ve been able to work out at gyms in different cities for a small fee, very easily.  (And once the guy at the gym near my dad’s house couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to do, so he gave us a week pass for free!)  This time, though, we let the hectic schedule be an excuse to skip working out and I regret it.  Funny how I never regret actually going to work out.  There’s something to think about during an internal debate.

I know that one week is not going to make me or break me, and I can’t wait to get a fresh start when we get back home tomorrow.  I have a hot date with my vegetable steamer and the cardio theater in my future.  Happy holidays, but even more, happy back to routine days!