“Don’t eat anything that comes from a package”.

My doctor dared me as I was leaving her office after my annual check-up. Clear to both of us was that my weight and creeping cholesterol levels were publicizing the stressful changes in my life. In the six months prior to my November appointment, I had not only gained almost 20 pounds but also experienced a wide array of not-so-serious- but-hard-to-miss stress related symptoms. And so, my trusted physician threw this very salient morsel of advice my way.

It’s not that this statement is especially profound. It doesn’t provide a sparkling insight. It may, however, offer the stripped down reminder and inspiration that I need. The single rule is simple enough to follow. It seems to keep the focus on choosing rather than dieting and controlling. There is no measuring or weighing, judging or guessing. There is only one question to ask.

I do like some things that come from a package, I must admit. And I do believe that I could eat very healthily with some packaged foods in my diet. Perhaps, though, it’s time to experiment. I remember with fondness a guided, 9 week Auyervedic cleanse that I did years ago and look forward to once again letting go of all that is clogging my body and my life. Adding the healthy never seems to be the issue; it’s subracting the unhealthy and low energy that seems to be the block.

My life flows more smoothly when I eat food that reflects the intention to be healthy and clear. I laugh more heartily, connect more easily to others and feel better living in my own skin when I eat and drink well. And so, at this moment, why are my choices littered with foods that bring neither health nor clarity? Why, with all of my knowledge and desire, do I find it difficult to embrace conscious eating as a continuous and natural setting? Who knows.  Perhaps today is the day to explore even more deeply what “foods that come from a package” offer me.  Perhaps today is the day for even more change.

The 12 Step adage, “One day at a time”, wields tremendous power and makes all things seem possible. I am sure that even one day without packaged foods will resonate with the woman whom I want to be and will bring her forth once again.