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I’m seven weeks and three days into my job at Healthworks (not that I’m counting or anything!) and I love it….

I’m the new Events and Marketing Partnerships Coordinator. A rather fancy title!

What does it mean? I spend my days (and some sleepness nights) thinking: “What would members want? And how can I make it happen?”

I’m here to form and maintain awesome partnerships (one of our BFFs is Luna!), plan events, get you new, yummy snacks to try (have you ever had popchips? Or coconut water?) and help grow the Healthworks community inside and outside the clubs. I work out in all of the clubs, maybe you’ve seen me pumping my arms like crazy on the arc trainer or doing push-ups on the sidewalk outside of our corporate office on Newbury Street? 🙂

Our trainers love coconut water!

We’ve had a lot of great things happen in the short time I’ve been here. A sweet lululemon trunk show at Chestnut Hill. Two jump rope events — one in Copley Square where we had quite an audience! (And I learned that hitting a jump rope on the ground is a great anger management method!) We’re working with the Boston Blazers and and the Lyric Stage Company, among many others!

The convenience of having lululemon in your gym!

The restaurant club is coming back! And so is the running club!

We just last week awarded a trophy and cool prizes to the winners of the latest Fiona’s Challenge. These ladies lost more than 3 percent of their combined body weight. Um, sign me up! (Stay tuned for the next Fiona’s Challenge in June!)

We helping out at fundraisers and road races and charity events of all sorts — donating memberships and duffel bags as prizes. And speaking of prizes, Miss Fiona Fit is giving away some crazy good ones each Friday as part of her Fiona’s Freebie Fridays. (Are you following us on Twitter? Are you a fan of Healthworks on Facebook! What are you waiting for???)

So, I’m here for YOU! To make your time at Healthworks — and outside of Healthworks — more amazing. I want to hear from you. I’m just about the fastest emailer on the planet — not sure if I should disclose that but I will — so feel free to drop me a note at with your ideas, thoughts, comments.

We can go for a run together. Or chat side by side on the arc trainer. Or grab a coffee. Or do some push-ups on the sidewalk.

And you can tell me what else we can do to make you love Healthworks even more….

— Judith