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In life we all search for a space that allows us to be our Full Self. They are moments when our age is an entrance to a space or maybe our joy of reading, places us in a Book Club space. Our journey to create balance in our life allows us to focus on such spaces as Healthworks.

Some members come in early in the day as a way to jump start their heart and mind. Others like mid afternoon because it gives them the boost to get through the rest of their work day. Then they are those who come in the evening to release the struggles of the day, to refresh their body and soul for the next day.

Whatever your entrance is to this space, Healthworks at some point, who you are, how you identify yourself allows you to develop new spaces.

Here are a few examples. My language is very important to me. When I speak Spanish, I feel light, my cup runeth over. We have many Spanish speaking members and at first some assumed that based on the color of my skin, that I only spoke English. When I shared that I was born and raised in Latin America we had a common space. Our interactions changed. It is like we jump at the chance to be our Full Self,” en Español.”

The same goes for women from the Caribbean. Because of my Caribbean background, I find joy in sharing stories of food and Carnival.

I find a connection with women from the Middle East from my work at the United Nations. I have shared powerful moments with women from this region in their journey to speak their truth. South Asian women are dear to me because of my special and dear friendship with Veena since the sixth grade.

I also find strength in the Black women that present a great amount of resiliency and understand the times when race defines the space.

It is important to share these moments because it is these moments that made me think of doing the blog and the Women of Color Circle.

The Circle is a way to bring us together through our cultural lenses to share our language, our native country our depth.

Exercise is seen differently in many of our cultures and our needs to feel comfortable in the Healthworks space might be lead by our cultural lenses. This is true to many as I have written in prior blogs.

We hope for inclusion not exclusion of our Full Self at the Circle. Inclusion of the diversity we walk with that allows us to use the term Women of Color Circle.

A Circle allows us to connect from our sides and our center. I do hope that this will be a beginning of new spaces within Healthworks. I look forward to meeting new women and sharing our stories.





“Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing”    Arundhati Roy