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CNN posted an article last week entitled “Is the fat acceptance movement bad for our health?” which I found interesting and wanted to share. One of the questions posed by the article is “Can you be fat and fit?” I bet the author of the book I read in high school health class “Fit or Fat” would argue a resounding NO, though that series has changed over two decades.

The CNN article reminds me that BMI is not the only way to define healthy, though it is often relied upon as a standard. Since many women struggle with “yo-yo” weight loss and gain over their lifetime, I wonder how that impacts one’s body compared to just being somewhat overweight – but at a steady weight – for a long period of time. Additionally, one important part of the article I noticed is that the medical community does not have “solutions” for obesity:

“Where else in medicine do we offer a solution — dieting — that is going to fail and then point to the end user and say, ‘You are weak-willed; you don’t have enough willpower’?” Read the rest of this entry »


I had a thought-provoking conversation with a few college women yesterday about weight, body image, and doctor’s visits.  Most of the women expressed that when going to the doctor for an annual check-up, their doctor has talked to them about losing weight.  They didn’t share if these types of comments came up from the perspective of being healthy, so I am not sure in what context the concern was expressed. I was impressed to hear one woman mention that BMI is based only on weight and not muscle to fat ratio, and is not always an indicator of health.  Another woman is already trying to lose weight and is tracking what she eats, but she didn’t share this with the group.  Her self-consciousness over the issue was already at the forefront of her mind and she didn’t seem comfortable sharing.  They all were frustrated with health care professionals who encouraged them to lose weight – even if they felt like this was something they already knew themselves. Read the rest of this entry »