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My foot is ok – basically all healed. I have a bit of a cut on the top, but the bruising is gone. I have rested up, and following the end of an incredibly stressful semester, I am back and ready for action. I can’t explain how good it feels to be moving my body again. I think I used the hurt foot as a little bit of an excuse to bum around and be lazy – I mean, yes, it hurt, but there were probably ways I could have been active. It’s so tough to keep going in the thick of things. The semester was ridiculously crazy for me, and sometimes I just succumb to the feelings of stress. I know that it would make me feel better to just exercise for a little bit, but taking the time to go to the gym, or even just to go outside, somehow feels really stressful in itself. Thank goodness the semester is over! Plus, after a while of living the bum-life, I start to feel antsy. I noticed that, though I didn’t gain any weight (yay!), my body felt different. Usually, when I spin or run a lot, my thighs get very muscular, and I’ve noticed lately that my pants have been fitting differently (maybe that means I lost muscle?).

Last weekend my roommate and I decided to go for a run together. We used to run together all the time, but unfortunately M. tore a ligament this year and hasn’t been running at all. Lately, her physical therapist said it would be ok to run, but at a slower jogging pace – which, as it turns out, is my pace! So, on a gorgeous day, we headed out to hit the bike path. It felt so good to be up and moving, and to keep up with M., who is usually a very fast runner.

I’m back to my regular exercise schedule of 4 to 5 times a week, and it feels so good. I love feeling sore. Especially now that it feels summery outside, all I want to do is move my body!

– Hannah