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I feel like I’ve spent the past couple of months lacking focus and motivation (to put it politely) when it comes to nutrition and working and out and, well, pretty much everything.  I have no problem blaming part of this on the weather – when even walking to the bus starts to look like a scene from the Iditarod, it is hard not to take comfort in the arms of pizza, red wine, my couch and a good book.  Add to this the fact that I’ve found myself working a fair amount on the weekends and my fitness goals were starting to take a back seat (which is so not where they belong).  So I jumped at the chance to participate in Healthwork’s Drop 10 Challenge. The promise of accountability and some friendly competition seems like just the kick in the (maybe fitting just a little too snug) pants I need.  I had my initial assessment on Saturday with Lauren and we got to sit down and talk as well.  It was great to be able to set some new goals and also to articulate some of the struggles I’ve had recently, as well as some of the things I’m really enjoying (TRX!).

I highly recommend sitting down every few months (no matter good or bad things are going) and taking stock – I left the gym feeling better (and more focused) than I have in months.  I realized (or maybe just admitted) that my biggest problem lately is that I’m not taking the time I need on the weekends to do proper meal planning and preparation, which means I end up eating crap throughout the week, which makes me feel like crap, etc., etc. (As an aside, my favorite part of Saturday’s conversation went like this:  Me:  “I’ve just been eating so much crap lately” / Lauren:  “I’d rather hear that you have been eating too much, but still eating healthy food” / Me:  “Well, I’d rather be able to tell you that – but I would be lying”).

I know that I do really well when I spend time on Sundays doing all my meal planning and preparation – but I’ve been letting other things (work, helping friends, bad TV) get in the way.  So this weekend found me with my recipe collection and my calculator planning out all of my meals for the week.  I then spent a few hours Sunday afternoon doing all the cooking.  And oh my, I made a new recipe from Eating Well for a healthy version of tuna noodle casserole – after the first bite (also, in the interest of full disclosure, after I made a second batch due to ruining the first one with my broiler), I remembered why it is worth it for me to take the time on the weekends to do this.

So tomorrow is the first Drop 10 workout.  I’m looking forward to it.  My team is totally going to win.  (Hence the title of this post).  That is, assuming the results of my Drop 10 are more successful than my first attempt at that tuna noodle casserole…

Fiona Wants You!

Fiona Wants You!

Do you know Fiona Fit?

She wants to see if you have what it takes!

Fiona is hosting a challenge at Healthworks for you and your friends! Time is running out to apply, have your applications in by the end of the day on Monday August 24th.

What does it take? Well, it doesn’t take this (click “this” for a funny example of what it doesn’t take). It does take you and 5-9 of your closest friends/enemies/coworkers/family members/cohorts (they do not have to be Healthworks members) who share your passion in living a healthy lifestyle. Selected teams will compete against the other teams in a four week Bootcamp style workout program at Healthworks for FREE! Best of all, the winning team will receive a shopping spree at CitySports worth $1500!

So why wait? Get your applications in soon, visit the official Fiona’s Challenge Website for more information or go directly to the application page to get started!

PS. There’s more! All teams that have applied are invited to an exclusive Fiona’s Challenge Launch Party at Eastern Standard on Tuesday September 1st from 6pm-8pm. All selected teams will be announced at the party.

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The photos of Michelle Obama and her fifth grade work crew breaking ground for the White House garden set an example that many might want to follow yet are lacking the outdoor space for a working garden.  Does this mean that sustainability is not for the many but the few?  In the strictest sense yes, but there are options for the rest of us.
Come May and June farmer’s markets will be setting up in most neighborhoods in the greater Boston area.  They are great, they are fun, and they provide an opportunity to support local farmers while minimizing the carbon footprint of the food you eat.  One drawback is that the prices do tend to be a bit higher than those charged in local supermarkets.  These days that’s not a minor issue.  So who can afford to eat healthfully, support the environment, and help local small farmers?
The answer is more people than you might think thanks to CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).  Participating farms offer shares, many also offer halfshares, they all limit membership so it is best to sign up soon.  Prices are determined before the season starts, for 2009 they are ranging from $500-$600 for full (family of 4) for a 20-22 weeks beginning in June.  On average it comes to between $30-$40 for super market bag of farm fresh vegetables picked the day you get them.  Some offer payment plans, some farms deliver to particular locations in the Boston area, some require you to pick up at the farm, and some require members to volunteer at the farm. 
There are many factors to consider.  I suggest going to where each of those participating farms pretty much describe most of the options.  Other sites I found helpful were:
Bon appetit!
Debbie Jones-Steele