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I’ve been very excited about training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. My team and I finally started this season’s training! On Sunday, I joined my team for a 40 minute run (I actually ended up going for 44 minutes) at our old training ground in Watertown.

I’ve never really run in the cold before. When I first started to learn how to run last February, doing the Couch to 5k podcast, I ran outside. It was chilly then, but I never ran outside when there was snow on the ground. I also only ran for very short distances. There’s a lot to think about in choosing the right winter gear: leggings, warm socks, wick-away layer, warmth layer, windbreaker, hat, gloves. I don’t actually have a windbreaker, so I wore a sweatshirt over a long sleeved shirt, and by the end of the run I was so hot. I had to take my hat and gloves off long before the end. I’m in the market for a new windbreaker – maybe I’ll wait until things go on sale! Running is a pretty expensive habit… Read the rest of this entry »


I still haven’t been able to get rid of this cough – and I still haven’t made it to the gym. Enough is enough, I say! Tomorrow is the big day. I don’t care if I cough all over the place; I’m not contagious anymore, and I’m going to the gym! I’ve really missed smartbells and spinning, and with finals period upon me I think working out will be a great stress reliever.

In other news, I have officially decided on which race I want to run. Drumroll please: Read the rest of this entry »

I feel like it’s been so long – and that’s because I haven’t felt well for two weeks! I still haven’t been able to work out, despite my last bright idea. Every time I move at all, I start coughing and coughing, and it takes a good ten minutes to settle down. I feel much better than I did before, and I’ve been going to work and school, I just cannot seem to get rid of this cough! I’ve had plenty of time to sit around and plan and think about my next big event, though, so that’s a plus. Here are my options so far: Read the rest of this entry »