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In my house, there is no mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving.  My husband’s obsessive love for his favorite, often overlooked holiday makes him turn into kind of a grinch when he hears the oldies station start their 24 hour holiday music at the beginning of November, and when that aisle in Target gets decked with lights while the Halloween costumes are still out he all but breaks out in hives.  But now that Thanksgiving has been properly celebrated (twice – and with the use of this hat) we can start the Christmas season!

I love Christmas, but even before that starts – I love Black Friday.  I love giving presents.  I love shopping and I love thinking about what each person on my list will look like when opening the wrapping paper on Christmas morning.  And don’t even get me started on how much I love wrapping.  Last summer I clean out and organized my closet and came to the scary realization that I may have some sort of specific hoarding disorder focused on holiday-themed giftwrap.  But I am usually too excited to wait until after Thanksgiving to do my Christmas shopping and on Black Friday I’m usually done.  I hardly ever actually buy things for other people on this day, and I end up shopping for myself.  Give a little, get a little.  So in honor of Black Friday and my admittedly sort of messed up tradition, here is a list of some health and fitness related Christmas gifts that I would like this year – maybe it will inspire you to give healthy gifts to the people you love, or to put some on your wishlist.  (Does your family make you do this?  I have to make a list of things I’d like and then email it to my dad.  He threatens me for weeks that if I don’t send him a list, I will get a Star Trek t-shirt for Christmas.  This is the exact same threat I’ve been hearing for 10 years.)

  • iTunes gift cards.  I need a new workout mix, badly.  I have been listening to Ashlee Simpson and Miley Cyrus.  Please help.
  • Pants from Lululemon.  According to everybody I know, these pants are made with magic and make your butt look amazing.  And they are supposed to last forever and not look like you wear them to sweat.  Actually, I’d take anything from that store.  Please give me the bag that it comes in, too, because it’s so cute. 
  • Healthy cookbooks.  Clean Start by Terry Walters, The Best of Clean Eating, and The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without by Mollie Katzen.
  • While we’re at it, a knife that cuts things like vegetables without having to saw through them.  I realized that I don’t even have a non-serrated knife in my kitchen.  This may be a problem.
  • Massage gift certificate.  I need to relax.
  • Cold weather running gear.  I would love another Nike hat with a ponytail hole, some running gloves, and a couple long sleeved shirts that will keep the wind out.
  • Sweaty bands.  These are supposed to actually stay on your head and not pop off in the middle of a workout.  The impossible dream.
  • Gift certificate to Healthworks.  I’d like to try Gravity and BURN.  And hopefully live to tell the tale.

Well, I guess that’s quite a list.  I have been pretty good this year.  Happy shopping, everybody!