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So, I’ve kind of been feeling sorry for myself over here.  Since my foot injury, I have been taking a break from exercising and trying to let myself heal.  But, this has really meant that a large part of my normal routine has gone by the wayside.  I haven’t been to the gym and I haven’t been running.  The doctor told me to not walk more than I have to so I’ve resorted to taking an elevator here or there when I would usually take the stairs.  I’ve been a little down.  I have that paranoid feeling thatI’ve immediately gained 10 pounds (delusional, I know), my energy levels are nowhere near what they usually are, I am pretty sure I won’t be able to run the race I signed up for on Thanksgiving morning and I miss the ladies I see at my usual gym times, who always have such nice and supportive things to say.  All in all, I spent a couple days this week having a personal little pity party on my couch.

But, last night my husband and I had our second annual Friend Thanksgiving dinner.  We had invited over a bunch of friends, both old and new, made a menu, cooked a turkey, and had a blast.  We were so lucky to have 16 of the people who are the most important in our lives (including a college friend who came all the way up from Virginia to join us) in our house, and it really put life into a little perspective to me.  It inspired me to really think about and appreciate the blessings in our life.

We are lucky to have a place to live, even if we still haven’t found the perfect house to buy and we’re still renting in a less than ideal location.  Our rental apartment has enough room that we were able to gather together all of these people, however  awkward the seating arrangements were, and at a time when so many have so little, I am reminded that we have a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep.  We are lucky to have the luxury to have not only enough to eat, but to be able to provide a dinner.  Not to mention to have a friend’s boyfriend who makes and shares excellent pumpkin cheesecake.  We are lucky to be able to have the good health to enjoy our time together, and the good fortune to laugh about shared times we’ve had in the past.  I am blessed to have an amazing husband, whose love of Thanksgiving inspired our new tradition and who was brave enough to pull out the turkey neck and giblets before he followed his Food Network recipes to an OCD-level of accuracy.


I’m thankful for the reminder to look around and be grateful for what I have, even before the holiday itself reminds us all.  I am going to have a week of giving thanks, not just a day, and hopefully I will remember to carry this gratitude with me throughout the year.  Because even though I am frustrated about not being able to work out for a little while longer, I am lucky to have an amazing gym like Healthworks to miss, and the prospect of many future sweat sessions when I am healed up.  Not everybody is as lucky as I am.


So, after all of my excitement last week about running outside with my new hat and not letting the winter get the best of me… I hurt my foot.  I don’t know how exactly, but I am pretty sure that it had something to do with the cold weather forcing me to wear socks with my cute pointy flats, the shoes slipping off my feet all day, and curling my toes weird in response to keep said cute pointy shoes on my feet.  And I had a 13 hour day.

By 6 pm, I was getting a weird pain in my toe.  By the time I got to leave school to go home at 8, I was just plain hurting.  And then – here is the brilliant part – on Thursday, I went for my planned run with my friend anyway.  We had the day off, we had a plan, I was in a good mental place about running and keeping up my schedule, and I decided to just do it.  Remember how I like to pretend I am a badass?  Not. So. Smart.

Thursday during the run I was ok.  During the walk back I was in a little pain, but no biggie.  That afternoon, shopping with my husband for new work clothes (because, by the way, he just keeps losing weight and losing weight – but that’s another frustrating story) I was ready to cry in the mall.  I couldn’t fight the tears by the time we got in the car.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but my stupid toe pushed me over the edge.

So, after some WebMD research, some ice and some Advil, I have decided that I have to rest for a little while.  I went to the doctor on Monday and she confirmed what I suspected.  I strained a tendon somehow.  I think it was the stupid shoes.  And really, I managed to train for and run a half marathon with no injury at all, but wearing every day shoes to work led me to this?  Ugh.  She told me no running for awhile and no more walking than necessary.  Not much of anything for awhile.  Just rest, ice and Advil.

The ironic thing is that sometimes I would think to myself, I would love a reason to just take a break from all of this exercise for awhile.  Wouldn’t that be nice, if somebody would tell me I couldn’t work out and I could just stop, just for a few days?  Well, now that I was told that, it’s driving me crazy.  I want to exercise.  But pretty much every step that I take is at least a little painful, so I am waiting like I was told and trying to just get better.  At least I don’t have to use crutches.  I guess the moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for?  Or wear more comfortable shoes.

My foot is ok – basically all healed. I have a bit of a cut on the top, but the bruising is gone. I have rested up, and following the end of an incredibly stressful semester, I am back and ready for action. I can’t explain how good it feels to be moving my body again. I think I used the hurt foot as a little bit of an excuse to bum around and be lazy – I mean, yes, it hurt, but there were probably ways I could have been active. It’s so tough to keep going in the thick of things. The semester was ridiculously crazy for me, and sometimes I just succumb to the feelings of stress. I know that it would make me feel better to just exercise for a little bit, but taking the time to go to the gym, or even just to go outside, somehow feels really stressful in itself. Thank goodness the semester is over! Plus, after a while of living the bum-life, I start to feel antsy. I noticed that, though I didn’t gain any weight (yay!), my body felt different. Usually, when I spin or run a lot, my thighs get very muscular, and I’ve noticed lately that my pants have been fitting differently (maybe that means I lost muscle?).

Last weekend my roommate and I decided to go for a run together. We used to run together all the time, but unfortunately M. tore a ligament this year and hasn’t been running at all. Lately, her physical therapist said it would be ok to run, but at a slower jogging pace – which, as it turns out, is my pace! So, on a gorgeous day, we headed out to hit the bike path. It felt so good to be up and moving, and to keep up with M., who is usually a very fast runner.

I’m back to my regular exercise schedule of 4 to 5 times a week, and it feels so good. I love feeling sore. Especially now that it feels summery outside, all I want to do is move my body!

– Hannah

I’ll start off my saying that I am ok – just a little hurt (in the ego department, as well as my foot…).

Saturday morning I was walking my dog. I was kind of in a rush, because I thought I was going to be late for a lunch. I was crossing the street near my house, just starting out on my normal route, and I didn’t look very carefully – and my feet got run over by a car. Yes, you heard me right. I got run over.

I was in such shock that I didn’t know what to do. The car didn’t stop, and I kind of just looked at my feet in bewilderment. Did that just happen? I walked home, and it wasn’t until I took off my shoes and sat down on my bed that I realized what happened and started crying. That was really scary! I called my roommate, who rushed home. As soon as she looked at me, she said “we’re going to the hospital!” And don’t worry, nothing happened to the dog!

I had some x-rays, and nothing is broken. The doctor told me that, apparently, most people he sees with run-over-feet don’t actually break anything. It just hurts! I have an abrasion and some bruising, but overall I think I’m pretty lucky. They gave me some painkillers and told me what to watch out for (something called compartment swelling, sounds scary!), and sent me home.

I do feel kind of like an idiot – but, as my sister says, I think we all make not getting hit by a car our general priorities, and accidents happen. So, there we go. I’m letting my feet rest before I head back to exercise (it kind of hurts to put closed shoes on). See you all at the gym soon, I hope!

– Hannah