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Have you been watching the World Series this year, readers? Normally I’m not very interested in watching sports on TV (I’d rather be playing the sports myself, or being active in general) but I’m originally from Philadelphia, and I must confess that the inclusion of my hometown team – the Phillies – has made me very excited to watch the games. If I’m going to play the role of the couch potato for the next few games, I like to be snacking on something wholesome to counterbalance. I cooked up these delicious and simple Kale Chips for the first time, and was very happy with the results (they were even boyfriend-approved). Kale is an awesome “superfood” full of nutrients, carotenoids like lutein to protect eyesight, Vitamins C & E, calcium, fiber…the list goes on and on. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time fitting in all the servings of leafy greens that I should be getting in my daily diet – this snack makes it easy.

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