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My mom recently began working with a personal trainer.  I found this puzzling because my mom has always worked out on her own in our living room or at the gym, and she taught group fitness classes for many years.  When I asked her why she thought she needed a personal trainer, she said, “Because sometimes I just don’t wanna do it anymore.”

Uh oh.  My mother, the aerobics queen, doesn’t want to exercise?

Okay, there are a couple of reasons for her sudden gym stubbornness. First, some of her old gymnastics injuries have come back to haunt her, which means that a lot of body parts hurt when she moves them.  Second, she no longer has to live in full-steam-ahead mode, so I think checking 50 things off the to-do list every day, including the exercise check box, just isn’t necessary.  She’s obviously grateful that her life is calmer, that all of her children are grown up and self-sufficient (we hope!) and that she has a comfortable home to relax in at the end of each day.  But suddenly working out just isn’t as urgent.

So I give her credit for going to the wellness coach and finding herself a personal trainer.  She knows how important it is that she stay in shape and continue to live a healthy life.  Even if she doesn’t have the same motivation to do the workout on her own, she is going to find a way to get it done.  If that means someone else telling her what to do, then that’s the way it has to be.

I can tell you one thing though — my mom loves Body Jam.   That’s one workout you’d never have to force her into.   Every time my trip to the Midwest is approaching, Mom calls to make sure I bring home my Body Jam music so she can have a private class.  We dance until we can’t dance anymore!  Then we go home and put our feet up.  And, because she’s my mom, she makes us each a salad to sit and eat together.


Last week I took advantage of my introductory personal training sessions, and met with Jakki L, who was amazing. I hadn’t been interested in personal training before, but she helped point out that my normal fitness routine was lacking in strength training, and walked me through a great routine. Free weights, push ups, bosu exercises…I’m totally sore and also in love with the workout that she gave me – it makes me feel like I’m really utilizing all of the equipment Healthworks offers, and getting the most out of the time that I spend there. Whereas before I would hop on the treadmill for a half hour, do some stretching, and a few abs exercises, and then get out – now I’m spending two days a week running on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and following it up with a full body workout. I feel like I’m emphasizing quality over quantity of time that I spend at the gym, and I think it’s starting to show. On top of this, I have a renewed appreciation for the fact that this is a women’s only gym. I feel like I would be way too intimidated to “pump iron” in the presence of dudes, who typically tend to rule the weights area at other gyms. I was excited to find out that there are half-hour personal training sessions available, which I will be signing up for…these sessions are within my price range, and perfect for fitting a maximized workout into a maximized schedule.


Do you use a trainer?

While at the airport, on my way to San Francisco, I was browsing the magazine racks in search of reading material for my flight. My attention was drawn to this month’s Glamour Magazine cover, with not only our extremely fit First Lady but there is an article titled Eat! Drink! Enjoy! (and still lose weight), which focuses on the issues of eating around the holidays.

Who else better to dish out food, weight, and eating tips for the holidays other than the beautiful and fit Padma Lakshmi, host of Bravo’s Top Chef. Padma spends her days eating and sampling delicious food from chefs whose main focus is how their food tastes, not what it will do to your waistline. Gourmet cuisines, comfort foods, side dishes galore, fried, sautéed, marinated… whatever and however it is prepared it may not always be the healthiest. Padma offers her top 10 pieces of advice for the weight you might put on around the holidays and I must say, a lot of them are points I try to keep with me year round.

Here are my favorites:

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I always thought a personal trainer would be much too expensive, but after discussing the different options with a trainer at Healthworks, it might be a more affordable investment than I thought! Here are a few of the more affordable options that we discussed:

Partner Training: Train with a friend for a cheaper rate. Pro: You and your training buddy can be super competitive with one another during your sessions and constantly challenge each other.

Express Training: Instead of paying for a 60-minute session, only pay for a 30-minute one. Typically, a 30-minute session includes a high-intensity, circuit training workout. When I did an Express session with a trainer, I was huffing and puffing and dripping with sweat by the end. Starting my week off with a workout like that is an awesome motivator for the rest of the week!

Gravity Class at Healthworks!

Gravity Class at Healthworks!

Tricep Dips, hardwork after doing sprints on the treadmill!

Tricep Dips, hardwork after doing sprints on the treadmill!

Focus Training: Focus Training at Healthworks is a series of training programs that take place in small groups and have a specific format, schedule, and focus. Included in Focus Training is BURN, Gravity, and Pilates Reformer groups.

Trainer Check-ins: Instead of twice-weekly or weekly meetings with a trainer, only book a few sessions, and then ask the trainer to give you “homework” workouts to do on your own. Check-in with your trainer when you feel like you need a new routine or a boost of motivation.


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