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DSC02511As I’m typing, I’m over 38,000 feet in the sky (thanks to the wifi on Virgin America flights, that is! So neat!) I’m going to San Francisco for a three-day food festival. Yes…you read it right, a food festival….in San Francisco, only one of the best foodie destinations in the country. Tastings everyday, sit down dinners, and lots of that beautiful California wine.

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If you don’t acknowledge how largely weather can affect your mood, inspire or prevent you to go outdoors and exercise, you should visit places where sunshine is aplenty year-round, just for contrast.

This past weekend was my third time in the best city of the Golden State. It’s funny how there are natural niceties in California that will make you if not a lover of fitness and health, then at least conscious of what it means to maintain it—like abundant sunshine and plentiful local produce readily available almost year round.

It’s that gorgeous, inspiring weather that they have for granted that makes us Bostonians really, really appreciate when we finally get a sixty-plus degree day without wind, humidity, or impending rain storms. We are so grateful for those few perfect days and weeks that the second the thermometer reads over sixty and “sunny”, we don our summer gear no matter what time of the year it is, and head outdoors to enjoy the scarce gift of mother nature.

Now look west—way west—to San Francisco. In addition to being a beautiful city, it and the people who inhabit it overall look healthy, relaxed, calm…almost glowing. Life does not seem as hectic, the dress code not as formal, and the people not as stressed out all the time.

There are farmers’ markets with local produce. There is a plethora of restaurants with the freshest morsels of seafood and delicious local ingredients. And then, of course, there are those famous city hills. Formidable at times, it feels like hiking just walking around the city in some areas. Imagine having an apartment on one of those hilly streets—and walking home with a bag or two of groceries in your hand—you’d be in shape in a couple of months just by going about your daily business!

Apart from its natural beauty, San Francisco is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the country—which is progressive, compared to our dear State. It looks clean, fresh, as if it has just taken its morning shower. Either the residents care or California laws care for them—the end result is a pleasant environment which is inviting to visit—and I’m sure, enticing to live in.

Whether the Golden Gate bridge kisses the last rays of sunlight, or invites the cool Pacific fog in the morning, it is an architectural wonder that is a pleasure to behold—and if you add cool weather and a surrounding park with paths leading up to the panoramic view of the bridge, you’d be hard pressed NOT to want to go out and either hike, run, or bike those paths—if not for any reason but just because it’s there and you can.

The gift of abundant sunshine and consistently warm weather certainly contributes to the general attitude of San Francisco’s residents. Come to think of it, I marvel at the sheer willpower of Bostonians—we have to deal with snow and slush, Nor’easters, humidity, and locking ourselves indoors for most of winter—and yet we still manage not to get depressed and make the most of our seasons.

Our resilience is admirable. But you can’t beat that nature-given weather. You can’t help but remain a little jealous of that Pacific city with its natural healthy vibe.

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