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I am the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. I am the daughter-in-law of a breast cancer survivor. I am the sister-in-law of two breast cancer survivors. I am a personal friend of a breast cancer survivor. I am the professional friend of a breast cancer survivor. I am the godchild of a breast cancer non-survivor.

We all know what it feels like to create such a list for ourselves. Women of all ages, races, religions, social and economic groups are affected by this disease. Many of us may, one day, be forced to address the same questions, fears and life-altering choices that women are facing every day. That moment when we feel the lump, get called back with a questionable spot on a mammogram, notice a strange and unexplained symptom, are forced to learn about the rare, and often fatal, Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

And so …

As we find ourselves in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I hope that you have committed yourself, in some meaningful way, to this very worthy cause of raising funds in the name research and patient care & support. There are myriad ways to make physical, financial and emotional donations. Three years ago, when I chose to participate in the Avon 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer, I asked two friends to join me on the adventure. One agreed enthusiastically and whole-heartedly to walk by my side. The other simply and honestly said, “I don’t walk, but I do write checks”. May we all look at the women who surround us each day – at work, at the school bus stops, at the health club, at the supermarket, at our own family get-togethers – and may we recognize that any one of those women may at some point have an intimate relationship with the phrase, “breast cancer”.

Take a moment to explore what is possible for you. And then take action. Let your heart guide the steps you take. Do you want to walk, to ride, to volunteer or to write a check? You choose.

Take a moment to explore the Healthworks homepage. And then take action by following one of the links. Be willing to become one of the women supporting women.