I love Clueless. I’m pretty sure that I could quote the entire movie from beginning to end – it comes up all the time. For instance, do you remember this line?

Cher: I have an idea! Lets. Do. A Makeover!
Tai: Oh … no.
Dionne: Oh, come on–let us! Cher’s main thrill in life is a makeover, okay? It gives her a sense of control in world full of chaos.

I’ve worked really hard to give myself a kind of life makeover. I’ve made exercise a part of my life, lost a lot of weight, and changed my attitude and self-confidence about a lot of things. Sometimes, though, it just feels really good when you can get the inside to match the outside – you know, when you look as fantastic as you feel. This is why I like shopping – it feels pretty amazing to see how my body can look so different. There are a lot of things that go into matching inside and outside: makeup, nails, hair…

Yesterday, I got a fabulous haircut from a salon on Newbury Street. It’s called Rock Paper Scissors – it is cute and all the staff are friendly and really helpful. While my haircut was comp’d (thank you Healthworks Blogger Bash!) I was surprised at how reasonable their rates are. My hairdresser took a lot of time to find out exactly what I wanted, and then was really thorough and great.

I love my haircut. It’s a little lighter and shorter – basically, it’s perfect for the summer heat! It’s not too short to pull back, and it looks cute if I wear it curly or straight. Basically, it rocks. I love that feeling when you know you look cute, and all the hard work is paying off. Basically, I feel like “a total betty.”